Psychological Assessment Services

What to Expect

How our clinic works

Testing/assessment for children

Before your appointment

Complete the child intake packet and return it to us via mail, fax, or email. Completing this information before your appointment will reduce the amount of time billed for an intake interview. A parent or familiar caregiver should complete the packet in order to provide the most accurate information possible. 

First appointment - parents/caregivers

Dr. Fulwiler will schedule an appointment (usually 1 - 2 hours) to meet with the parents or caregivers of the child to complete a clinical interview, which includes a comprehensive history, specific issues related to the problem being assessed, and an opportunity to discuss your concerns or questions.

Second appointment - testing 

Following a completed interview session, a subsequent appointment will be scheduled for direct observation and testing. Though the time varies depending on the presenting issue, testing is generally completed in half a day. While the child is being tested, the parents/caregivers are given forms to complete. To familiarize your child with the process, we have a pictorial social story that describes how the day typically goes. 

Feedback Session

After all testing is completed, Dr. Fulwiler will score all assessments and write up a comprehensive report, which is completed within 2 weeks of the final appointment. This report will contain all the information gathered during the assessment, will specify any particular diagnoses that may apply, and will provide numerous recommendations for future treatment planning. These also include relevant information for school interventions, coordination of care across providers, and suggestions for future steps. 

Dr. Fulwiler will schedule a final appointment to meet with the parents/caregivers to provide verbal feedback, an overview of the testing results, and answers to any questions that may arise.


Note: in certain circumstances (e.g., families travelling a significant distance), this process can be modified. For some clients, especially young children, conducting the interview and completing the testing can occur on the same day.


Testing for adults

General Process

For adults, generally all appointments are consolidated into a single day. A feedback session is then scheduled at the completion of this initial appointment. For scheduling an evaluation, please contact our office for more information.